We are looking for a full time Sr. Software Engineer that is capable of doing full stack development, with a heavy emphasis with RESTful backends. Your job will be to maintain, improve and extend the existing backend framework while helping architect our next generation platform. Being comfortable working with web and mobile front-ends is expected. You also will be expected to write clean, testable code in a timely manner. Experience with the Agile Kanban process is a plus. In the future we will work on consolidating our native mobile platform into a single cross-platform solution. Similarly on the backend, we will work towards building a next generation platform that should not only be more scalable but also allow us to develop new features faster. You will be an integral part in helping decide the direction we take. We are also planning on moving from AWS to Azure. Because of all of that you should have a strong architectural eye, be familiar with OpenAPI specs, and capable of taking the lead when it comes to how we deploy and scale in the cloud.


* ASP .NET Core - 3 to 5+ yrs
* ORM's like Entity or Prisma - 2+ yrs
* Sql Server or Postgres database - 5+ yrs
* AWS or Azure Cloud - 2+ yrs
* Git - 2+ yrs
* Preferable: TypeScript / Angular / React
* Preferable: Native Android and iOS / React Native