Our mission is to make off-premise accessible & fun

SWIPEBY is a technology platform that empowers businesses to drive off-premise sales and connect with customers.

We focus on making everything we do accessible & fun: turnkey, simple, low cost & easy to use!

Off-premise is still only for the few. We are changing that.

Ecommerce and off-premise solutions are in high demand and businesses are trying to keep up, but the current system is broken.

Restaurants and other business with physical store fronts are being exploited by antiquated and clunky software platforms, encumbered by inexperienced “consultants and their quick-fix solutions, and sabotaged by outrageous revenues shares from highly funded and monopolized delivery companies. On the consumer side currenbt off-premise solutions charge onerous fees for suspect service. The costs are prohibitive and can limit accessibility.

Our mission is to change this. Our scalable technology and automation of curbside service will empower more businesses and consumers to successfully participate in an off-premise experience that is accessible and affordable.

Today SWIPEBY partners with restaurants in 25+ states and is on a fast growth trajectory.

Now that is fun! Join us!

  • Best part of working for a food ordering app - FREE FOOD!

  • Join in for a game of Air-Hockey, Pool, Foosball or Ping-Pong at our Winston-Salem office

  • Free Gym at our Winston-Salem office